The Arena

As I stand on my platform in the thirty-mile arena, my mind continues thinking evil thoughts about the gruesomely disgusting government. They implanted a chip in all of our necks which tracks our every movement and records every word we say. Every year they hold “fun” games for everybody to watch at home. Ten people […]

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What is truth? What is love (baby don’t hurt m- never mind)? The dictionary definition of truth is a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, or a principle. Generally when we think of love, we might think of a man and woman loving each other or a parent and a child. The love I am going […]

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The Twist

It was a cold night one year after mother passed from a heart attack. ┬áMy two horrid stepsisters and evil stepmother and I watched slowly as the life began to fade away from my father’s eyes. Why had he died? He was so young too. He was only forty one years old. It was so […]

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The Gathering

Everything was hectic. The horrifying sound of blood-curling screams filled the air. The sound of explosions penetrated my eardrums. It was horrible. There was trash littered all over the once clean grass. Arguing and complaining was everywhere I went. I couldn’t escape the nose-burning stench of nasty food covered with flies. This place had no […]

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Hamlet and Grace

Hamlet was a fifteen year old boy who was very poor. He lived in a small log cabin in the woods with his mom, dad, and brother, John. They had to hunt for their food, and they used animal skin as clothing, Not much went on where they lived because, well, they had no neighbors […]

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Family Vacation

I leaned in and kissed each of my parents on the cheek, “Bye Mom. Bye Papi.” “Have fun on your trip, we’ll miss you!” they yelled as they drove away. I gleefully hopped up the front porch steps and went into my cousins room. I was practically shaking with excitement. I hung out in Lymarie’s, […]

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1000 Light Years

“Worship of the A’s” happened every two weeks on a Saturday. In this society, everyone was given a classification, instead of a name. B-F was high class, G-M was middle class, N-Z was low class, and the A’s were royalty. During the worship festival, anyone who was under the A family would come to worship […]

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Books Aren’t Everything

Is it surprising to you that I was able to read by the age of three? I must really like to read since I have been able to do it for over eighty percent of my life, right? If I inherited some of my mother’s passion for books, I would spend twenty-five hours a day […]

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